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With the passing of a day since Diwali, it seems that air pollution is increasing day by day. Even after eight days of Diwali, there is no improvement in air quality. In many cities of the country, the air has become very bad and people are also suffering from shortness of breath due to smog. We can’t even run away from the mist and toxic gases caused by air pollution. In many other cities, including Delhi-NCR, it has become difficult to breathe even at home. But we must not give up hope. Today we will tell you 5 ways you can protect yourself from this haze, ie smog and toxic gases, using technology both at home and outside.

Air pollution in Delhi is forcing people to leave the city. At the same time, the situation in many other cities including Gwalior, Allahabad, Patna is also not much better. According to a WHO report, Indian cities occupy nearly half of the world’s 20 most polluted cities. Air pollution can shorten people’s lives by three years, but there are some ways you can improve the situation.

1. Install an air purifier at home
If you think you are safe in your home, you are not. Many studies claim that air pollution is a major problem in the home, just as it is outside. What is remarkable is that in recent years many other companies including Xiaomi, Eureka Forbes, Philips and Samsung have introduced home air purifiers keeping in mind the Indian market. These air purifiers come in many different price ranges.

Easy-to-use air purifiers can cover a 14×12 foot room on the entry level, while the more expensive models cover a larger area. The price of the first model starts from Rs 10,000 and goes up to Rs 40,000.

Most manufacturers claim that their air purifiers remove dust, allergens and dust particles from the air to make it breathable. Buy models that come with a HEPA filter and four filter layers. But if you have budget constraints, there are also many models with three filter layers. In case of respiratory problems, it is necessary that the air purifier filters out PM 2.5 particles.

In India, where most filters come with manual controls or touch screens. At the same time, there are also some models that can be controlled from a smartphone via an app, such as Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 (Rs 9,999) and Honeywell Yer Touch-S (Rs 33,000). Purification filters should be replaced every six months to a year. This will require you to spend between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 depending on your device.

2. Portable Air Purifier
There may be some issues with the air purifiers mentioned above. Because they are heavy and there is a problem to carry them around the house. Therefore, you have to buy a lot of them and they are also expensive. But if you are spending Rs 10,000 or more on your home air purifier then portable air purifiers are a good option for you.

Portable air purifiers priced around Rs 5,000 can clean the air in a smaller area (about 50 square feet) better than a full-sized air purifier. But it is a good option. However, most portable air purifiers do not use HEPA filters. But still, these air purifiers are useful. On the other hand, most portable air purifiers come with a washable filter so it doesn’t turn out to be too expensive.

The small size of the portable air purifier makes it easy to take it with you during a trip, at home, in the car.

3. Car Air Purifier
Do you constantly travel on dusty roads? So maybe it’s time to buy a car air purifier. This is another segment in this market that is growing rapidly. The price of car air purifiers starts from around Rs 2,500. Most car air purifiers plug into the cigarette lighter port of the car and are also very lightweight.

This air purifier ensures that the air you take in is clean by removing the dust in the air on the floor of the car, seat and other places. You should also keep your car clean.

While some car air purifiers claim to use ozone disinfection technology to purify the air. These air purifiers are said to purify the air in the car by releasing ozone. However, people who suffer from asthma should not buy this type of air purifier, as prolonged exposure to ozone can lead to lung-related problems.

4. Air purifying lamp
Some companies in India also sell air-purifying lamps that cause the dust particles in the air to settle on the floor. This lamp is helpful in reducing smoke and dust from cigarettes, cooking utensils and other things.

Suitable for small spaces such as bathroom, kitchen, laundry room. Their price ranges from Rs 700 to Rs 3,000 and the price also depends on the brand. Such lamps from Eureka Forbes can be purchased for less than Rs 1,000.

5. Air Quality Monitor
The war on air pollution in other cities, including Delhi, also depends on knowing how the air is around you. Air Quality Monitor allows you to monitor and analyze the air around you. While not a purifying tool, the air quality monitor tells you about temperature, humidity, CO2 and dust levels. In addition, this monitor can also tell you whether the air quality around you is good, normal, bad or above the danger limit. However, you will have to buy an air purifier to prevent pollution and clean air.


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