Sony A6400 Vlogging camera


SPECIFICATIONS of Sony A6400 Vlogging camera

Model: Mirrorless

APS-C sensor

24.2MP (Megapixels)

Sony E lens mount

3-inch tilting touchscreen with 921,000 dots

Electronic viewfinder

11 frames per second continuous shooting

The maximum video resolution is 4K.


+Image resolution and quality

+Video performance in 4K+

Autofocus that is sophisticated


-The design appears dated. -The tilting screen is not variable.

Until recently, any camera with a 180-degree. The front-facing screen was automatically dismissed as a “selfie” camera. But the rise of blogging, vlogging, and Instagram has brought the video to the forefront, and the Sony A6400 Vlogging camera front-facing screen is ideal for single-handed video shooters who want to talk directly to the camera – though it does not have a fully vari-angle screen like some of its competitors. have, would be even better. The A6400 is also an excellent stills camera. We’re not crazy about the design, which hasn’t changed much since the original A6000 model, but it’s not a deal-breaker given how good the Sony is at the video.

Except for a couple of minor changes, the body design remains largely unchanged when compared to the models above and below. This shouldn’t be an issue if you have small hands, but after a couple of hours of shooting, we wished there was a little more body to grip. This camera lacks weather sealing, but it is approximately 50g lighter than the A6500.


There’s no denying that Sony’s APS-C lineup has grown stronger with the addition of the A6400. It has a class-leading autofocus system, a long battery life, and a selfie-friendly flip-up touchscreen. It can capture both still images and videos of high quality. In-body stabilisation would have been a nice touch, but that’s where the A6500 comes in. Hot shoe accessories will get in the way if you have a screen that flips up instead of sideways. When shooting in 4K, there is a noticeable rolling shutter if you or your subject moves quickly across the frame, which can be irritating.

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