If you’ve become engrossed in Netflix’s Squid Game to the point of obsession, you’re not alone. The Korean drama follows modern-day players competing in a deadly game, round-by-round in children’s games (with life or death stakes), all for the chance to win the grand prize: 45.6 billion Korean won.

If you haven’t seen Season 1 of Squid Game yet and want to keep the finale’s twists a surprise, click away now because spoilers follow. But, if you’ve made it to the end. And are still perplexed about what it all means. Keep scrolling for answers.

Who won Squid Game?

First and foremost, who wins the Squid Game? When the finale begins. There are only two contestants left (down from 400 at the start): Gi-hun (Lee Jung-Jae) and Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo). The final game is Squid Game (of course), and, without giving too much away, our final two engage in a violent, brutally difficult-to-watch fight. Gi-hun is about to win when he decides that it is better to stop the game than to let his opponent die. However, at the last second, Sang-woo sacrifices himself, leaving Gi-hun as the game’s winner (and the prize money).

What does Gi-hun do with the 45.6 billion won?

Gi-hun is dissatisfied with his Squid Game victory. Before being dropped off in Seoul. He is given a debit card and his money. We learn after a one-year flashback that he hasn’t even touched his winnings. He eventually uses some of the money to repay Cho Sang’s (No. woo’s 0218) debt. And to help Kang Sae’s (No. byeok’s 0067) brother be released from the orphanage. Oh, and he also buys a beer and flowers from a street vendor for 10,000 won (approximately $8).

What does the final scene with Oh Il-nam mean?

Naturally, the purchase of beer and flowers is not as simple or meaningless as it appears at first glance. The flower contains a business card for the Game as well as an invitation for Gi-hun to come to a high-rise building that night. He goes (how could he not?) and meets Player 001, whose real name is Oh Il-nam.

Despite the fact that Il-nam appeared to die after losing the marble game. He is still alive—albeit barely and hooked up to an oxygen machine. Il-nam challenges Gi-hun to another game from his deathbed. He points out a homeless man lying in the snow outside and offers Gi-hun a bet on whether or not anyone will stop to help the man before midnight—Gi-hun, still believing in human goodness, bets that someone will, while the thoroughly jaded Il-nam disagrees.

Police officers do end up assisting the homeless man at the last second. Gi-hun notices the act of kindness, but Il-nam dies before he notices, leaving his jaded beliefs seemingly justified.

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