Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is widely used to send and receive messages. But do you know that WhatsApp messages can be sent without even typing them? For this you need to enlist the help of advanced speech recognition. This trick works on Android phones.

First you need to change the phone settings and then you can easily send messages on WhatsApp without even typing. This feature is very useful if you do not have access to the phone.

Here’s how to send messages without typing them:

In 2015, Google Assistant launched a feature to send WhatsApp messages with voice. Meanwhile, Apple Siri introduced this feature in 2016. It allows messages to be sent via voice from third-party apps.

To send messages without typing, go to the setting and then click your profile picture in the right corner of the Google Assistant. Then scroll down to Personal result and enable this feature.

To activate the voice assistant, you have to say Hey Google or OK Google. Then say send a WhatsApp message to and then take the name of the person you want to message. Google Assistant will ask you which message you want to send.

Then say the message you want to convey and send it. It allows you to send WhatsApp messages using Google Assistant without typing.

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